You're going on a trip...

You plan to stay in hostels...

So what do you need to know before your big trip?


Why take the time off...

Spend the money making travel reservations...

Without knowing all you can about the hostel experience?


Do you know?

how to find and research hostels ahead of time

when to make reservations and when NOT to make reservations

what hostels will provide you and what they do not...toilet paper? towels?

the typical age of hostel travelers

how safe hostels are...and what you can do to protect yourself

how much hostel's cost and how to get better deals

what the sleeping arrangements are like...bunk beds?....cots?....private rooms?

the questions you need to ask before deciding on which hostel to stay at

... plus more!


 Then and now...

Here's the deal...

Hostels are getting very popular.

Today there are more travelers, more hostels, and more choices to make than anytime in history. 

Not long ago hostels only existed in the countryside. 

Maybe you knew that...

Groups of city kids would travel to the countryside and participate in outdoor programs. They stayed in empty school buildings that came to be known as hostels.

Today it's different...a lot different.

Now hostels are located everywhere.  From big cities to small towns; converted farm houses to modern lofts.

In any given country you will find hostels that are owned and run by a single family...all the way to hostels that are part of international organizations.

So how do you know what to expect? How do you prepare for your hostel trip? 

That's why we created The Complete Hostel Guide Book.

We know that people stay in hostels for different reasons.

Some go for the experience, camaraderie, and fellowship. Others of you like the idea of spreading your hard earned money a little further.


We're the same way.

You will spend hundreds if not thousands of hours on the road traveling. Why not take an hour or two to learn everything about hostels.

Take a moment and look at the following list to see if you know all you can know about today's hostels.

With a little help from us you can have your best trip ever.




 Here's more...

   what are the safest ways to travel and stay in hostels

  the simple item most travelers forget when staying in hostels

  how many people sleep in a room 

  what to pack and what not to pack for hostel stays

  how to prepare for foreign bathrooms

  the ways to save money while staying at hostels


  exclusive interviews with hostel travelers on what not to forget  when traveling


  traveler profiles on the best and worst of hostels...here are some examples








  over 145 pages of information (unbiased, ad free information)

  written by travelers with input from travelers and hostel staff from around the world

  cool...interactive...easy to use layout containing links to featured sections

  exclusive interviews with hostel staff

  the Ultimate  Hostel Check List

  utensils and tools you should pack for your hostel stays

  planning breakfast, lunch and dinner...are they provided at hostels?

  understanding what "lock out" periods are and how they differ from hostel curfews

  insight on hostel staff...and why they can be your best resource on the road



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Want to know more?

  you could spend hours searching the internet and you still won't find all of the

       information contained within this guide...not even close

  check out the featured content found inside the guide


  full of live links to the websites of featured resources and sites

  what you need to know about hostel linens

  how long you can stay at a hostel...is their a maximum day limit?

  understanding your options for doing laundry while staying at hostels

  what to expect for bathroom and shower privacy at hostels

   tips when deciding on whether to travel to hostels alone or with a partner

  easy to read, save, print, and take with you





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Why guess about youth hostels? Get the ebook and rest easy knowing this trip will be the best yet.




There's even more...

  how to stay connected with your family and friends while traveling and staying at


  choosing luggage and/or a backpack for your hostel travels...which is better?

  essential qualities to look for in both a backpack and luggage

  a packing 101 lesson for using your backpack when traveling hostel to hostel

  list of other places to stay if hostels aren't an option

  what travelers know that they wish they had known about hostels all along

  check out a few sample pages from the book





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